The Razor I

About the book

"Das Rasiermesser" (The razor) has been written in 1939 and was published by Der Messerschmied Verlag. It goes into detail about production techniques, geometry, and it also addresses the increasing competition with safety razors and electric shavers.


The razor was originally made of bronze, later iron, and now precious steel. The form is not important for the result. When treated well, it has an almost unlimited life, and the cutting ability can last for years. It is the best tool to shave with, but the care for the edge requires some knowledge and skills which can be learned easily. For the user, the only additional tool will be the strop, and sometimes a fine hone.

The new generation of shaving tools that arrived since the beginning of the 20th century were neither better, nor easier to use than the straight razor. However, the propaganda machine made people overlook the imperfections of the new inventions. At the same time knowledge about how to use the straight razor was vanishing.

On the right and below is a scheme of how razors were forged.