Last stroke

At the end of the stroke, flip the blade over the edge by rolling the tang between the fingers, and proceed with the second stroke, as is shown on the right. The last four of the series of strokes must be done with almost no presssure.

Testing the stropped edge

A well stropped edge is ready for use. A sharp razor should cut a hanging hair without popping away. Also, if you carefully touch the ball of the thumb with the edge, it should feel a little sticky, and you may hear a high frequent tingling sound. The edge should bite. Do not test on the nail any more after stropping, this will ruin the edge. If the edge does not bite, it is still dull. Do not use a dull razor, because it will cause irritation and bleeding, as you will unconsciously increase the pressure and the angle during usage.

Other, less reliable tests are to watch the edge under a bright lamp. It should not reflect. Reflection indicates a surface instead of a point where the edge sides meet.

It may be necessary to return to the strop or hone, if the razor does not pass the tests.