Second over

This is the second shave half against the grain, but never completely against the grain in order to prevent irritation. A second time over is not always necessary.The second time over must be done with warm water, not with lather. If you used a steam towel the first time, use it again for a few minutes, and then apply warm water before shaving. Handle sensitive regions with care.

After the second over, splash the face with cold water, let dry without toweling or towel without rubbing. The cold water will stop any bleeding knicks - if any - immediately, as opposed to those caused by double bladed razors which have a more tearing effect when they loose their sharpness after the first use. This is one of the great advantages of straight razors, although most people only believe that when they start to try out a straight razor themselves.

Apply after shave. Treating toilettries is beyond the scope of this site. In his paper The Art of Old Time Shaving in the September 1999 issue of Knife World, Mr. Jim Shields mentions the old time Clubman and Bay Rum after shaves. Online ordering addresses are included in the references section.