Do not use the razor if it did not pass tests for sharpness. Remember that the most important cause of failure is an unsharp razor, due to the use of cutting pastes, irregular honing, or bad hones. Hair should be saturated with water, which is the case after two minutes. Use a fat soap and a good bristle, and do not let the lather dry on the face, because then the razor won't work. Apply the lather, then strop the razor. Prepare with not too warm water, and apply. Let it rest a few minutes and use this time to strop. Then lather again. If you use too warm water, it will dry out soon, which makes shaving impossible.

A method suggested in the Standard Textbook of Barbering is the following. Apply the lather to the face with a rotary movement of the brush, with the first two fingers dippide into the bristles for better control. Then proceed to work the lather into the beard , using the cushion tips of the fingers with a light rotary movement. The amount of time required for rubbing the beard depends on its stiffness and density. Remember however, that a well-lathered face is half of a good shave. Lather packs between the hair shafts and helps to keep them erect, giving the razor a better chance to cut through. Now prepare a steam towel by soaking one with warm, not too hot water. Wring it out well and cover the entire surface to be shaved with it. wait a few minutes, then remove the towel, and lather again. Be sure that the lather is still warm. This method is necessary when the beard is stiff.

Clean the razor under running water or use a finger to sweep the lather away. There is not much to say about brushes here; you may consult the Kent site in the UK mentioned in the references section. After use, dry with a cloth without touching the edge.

The Portugese Musgo Real Shaving Cream is apparently the best or one of the best shaving creams, made with an exclusive recipe of lanoline, glycerin and coconut oil. It is made since 1920 by Claus & Schweder, founded in 1887, now owned by Acilles Brito. It is the solution for the heavy beard, and it will not dry out. Although it can be used without a brush, the results are much better with a brush. It is sold in tubes which cost about $8 and last 6 weeks to one year.

The original barbershop aftershaves of the 19th century are still available. The Dominica Bay Rum After Shave is made of alcohol, water and Bay oil. Bay oil is a fragrance containing extracts of the bay plant, Pimenta Racemosa, a member of the Myrtle family, which grows throughout Dominica. There are variants with lime and menthol, a Cologne version, and there are other brands producing 'Bay Rum'. However, the basic Dominica version is the original one. Another classic is the Clubman After Shave, which is also available in variants. The basic and original one is the Clubman After Shave. Both Dominica Bay Rum After Shave and Clubman After Shave Lotion come in characteristic bottles shown here. The reference section has links to on-line resellers of the original brands.

The pictures represent Perret's original and only description of shaving oneself. Pictures you miss were omitted on purpose, as you should improvise there, depending on your motor skills. The route differs from barber's manuals, as these use the point of view of a barber shaving a client, not someone shaving oneself.

Keep the razor as is indicated in the picture, with the handle between middle and ring finger, or with the handle between the little finger and the ring finger. The latter is the original and official method.

This instruction is for right handed people; left handed persons should exchange right and left.