Two centuries ago many people understood how to use and care for a straight razor, but most of the written information is lost now. Since the end of the eighteenth century, declining knowledge brought bad performance and the subsequent fall of the straight razor, a process still going on. Wrongly, because the efficacy of a well treated straight razor is unmatched by any comparable instrument.

This website is a reference that treats the orginal principles and practice of straight razor usage. Its purpose is to bring together science, skills, and the art of the craft, and to analyse the many opinions and habits which are and have been the primary cause of failures. To put everything in perspective, I included abstracts of two historical books which treated the pogonotomy in detail, and predicted why one of the most perfect tools in history would almost vanish more than two hundred years after publication

I thank all contributors, specially Mrs. and Mr. Lorenzi for giving me the great book of Perret, La Pogonotomia, translated by Mrs. Lorenzi; Mr. Schremmel from DOVO Solingen and Mr. Morocutti from the Knife Shop in Vienna for their instructions and the guided tours on location; Mr. Newson from Claremont, Australia for sending me valuable documentation and ideas; and last but not least the core of sincere contributors to rec.knives. Special thanks to Mr. Peter de Weijer from the Electric Shaver Museum in Amsterdam who sent me very valuable information, and who exploits an excellent site partially dealing with the subject. Further, very special thanks to Mr. David Loft, Mr. Gilles Reynewater, and Mr. Fayette, from SABATIER / Thiers-Issard, for the many hours they spent to demonstrate to me in detail the secrets of the square.

Arthur E. Boon [remove "nospam_"!]