Last stroke

At the end of the hone, flip the blade over the back as if you roll a pencil between your index finger and thumb without moving the wrist. Start the second stroke, again edge leading, in your direction. Never turn over the edge, this will round off the edge. Keep in mind the scheme with the angles. Repeat this process 5-10 times, or more when the razor is rather dull. As the razor becomes sharp, gradually lighten the pressure and test frequently. This prevents overhoning. An overhoned edge is as bad as a dull one.

How to test a honed edge

When the razor is taking an edge, there will seem to be a suction to the hone. After that, you will start to test whether you honed enough. This is how. Pass the edge over the moistened thumb nail from heel to point. This gives one of the following results.

When the edge is ready, it is not ready for use. The edge should get a final polish on the strop which gives the razor its specific sharpness. You may need to hone once in 2-12 months depending on many factors.